Happy Leap Day! Big news! The first draft of my new manuscript is complete! Much editing and reviewing and re-editing and rereviewing and…


A year has passed since Perrywinkle has been released! Time really does fly! I haven’t updated this section for many months, but I have good reason. I have been hard at work on my next novel! The rough draft is now down to the final chapter. I will make sure to update more frequently.


It’s been a while. Time for an update! Perrywinkle now has an official book review! It can be found by clicking here. Brief synopsis….”[T]he author does a great job of painting an intricate picture of each sceneā€¦the conclusion satisfyingly addresses the novel’s themes of redemption, family, and second chances.” -Kirkus Reviews


The first month since publication has gone great! Many thanks to everyone and their support. Remember to leave a review after you are done reading!


Early in the morning, everything went through. Both versions are available on Amazon! Here is the link….Perrywinkle – The Story of Morning Runs and Peanut Butter Dreams


The final look was great, all the boxes checked and the submit button pressed! Perrywinkle is slated to be put on Amazon in the next few days! For reference, here are the IBSNs – 979-8-9878274-0-6 (paperback) and 979-8-9878274-1-3 (Kindle eBook)


It is coming soon! Perrywinkle will be available on Amazon for paperback and Kindle!

This is an exciting time! After much hard work and dedication, my first novel, Perrywinkle – The Story of Morning Runs and Peanut Butter Dreams, will be brought into the public in the near future. This has been a passion project for me and has been extremely satisfying. To see this project from beginning to end is truly an accomplishment in my life.

As of this time, the proverbial finishing touches are being applied. Check back in for updates shortly. On a side note, I am truly not a fan the proliferation of advertisements on the ‘net. I will do whatever I can to keep things simple.