Untitled Novel
Mid 2024

Perrywinkle – The Story of Morning Runs and Peanut Butter Dreams

“[T]he author does a great job of painting an intricate picture of each scene…the conclusion satisfyingly addresses the novel’s themes of redemption, family, and second chances. A creative…coming of age, fantasy tale” -Kirkus Reviews

Perry Shiner was a pre-teen born from a broken home. All she yearned for was consistency and love. What she found instead was abuse and neglect.

A week in June changed her life forever. Perry finds herself in the middle of a mystery after befriending something from beyond. The choices she has to make reignite old friendships, pull family closer together but also drag peril from the darkness.

Stalked by forces both corporal and ethereal, Perry’s window of opportunity is closing fast. If she cannot solve the conundrum around her, those closest to her will be in grave danger.

Paperback (ISBN – 979-8-9878274-0-6)
Kindle eBook (ISBN – 979-8-9878274-1-3)